Bilux Y1500

199 £

Power nominal Watt 1500
Voltage, V/Hz 230/50
Dimensions, mm 1548/120/80
Weight, kg 5
Heating m2 (main) up to 15
Min Height 2,5
Warranty, years 1


Appliance: It is used for zonal heating or quick warming up premises. Due to the high temperature on the heating element, about 500 degrees Celsius, this heater reaches the operating temperature within 5-10 minutes.

Due to the focused heat flow, BILUX Y1500 is perfect for heating working area in the garage or table on the summer terrace. It is also convenient to use an infrared to use an infrared mid-wave heater for temporary and fast space heating, for example, heating the conference hall for 3-4 hours or stage heating.

Effect on the human body: BILUX "Y" series heaters are mid-wave infrared heaters, it is not recommended to stay under it for 24 hours, and a temporary stay under the warm rays of the BILUX Y1500 will be beneficial.

Technical features:
- Maximum efficiency of the heater is achieved when installing it on the ceiling parallel to the floor, you can also install it by angle but it should not be more than 30 degrees.
- The heater does not immediately start operating temperature, it may take 5-15 minutes after switching on, warming up the premise can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the outside temperature.
WARNING: the heat plate becomes red-hot to 500 degrees Celsius! Do not touch while working!

Temperature control system: Be sure to use thermostats. There are several varieties for different purposes.

Important! Even if you have already met such heaters, trust the selection to our specialists. Our experience will make you buy the best heating system you should ever need!

Heat calculation


Bilux power

1 320


Traditional heating power

2 037


Для круглосуточного отопления с высотой подвеса 3 м.

Б1000  × 1 шт.

Для отопления в рабочее время с высотой подвеса 2.5 м.

Б600  × 2 шт.

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Scene heating on the ice arena
Heating the working zone in workshop