"Bilux" - ceiling infrared heaters that operate in the long-wave and medium wave range

"Bilux" - infrared heaters

We specialize in heaters that solve 2 main tasks:

  1. Completely independent heating system – heaters operate in the long-wave infrared heat range (series "A", "B", "P")
  2. Zonal or temporary heating – heaters operate in the mid-wave infrared heat range (“Y” series heaters)

Radiation of long-wave heaters is invisible. They are installed under the ceiling and warm the walls and objects that give off heat to the air. Such heaters are suitable for primary or secondary heating.

Heating element that is used as the emitter in the BILUX mid-wave heater glows with crimson light and can quickly warm up the whole premise or operate under a canopy in the open air from a height up to 10m. Comparing with popular shortwave heaters that have a spiral inside a quartz tube and operate at height that doesn’t exceed 3m., BILUX heaters are beyond the competition. Besides BILUX heaters serve twice longer.



More economical than gas heating in apartments by 15-30%, and in industrial premises up to 70%. No maintenance, no servicing, easy to install. Provides quick payback due to lower energy consumption



BILUX heater emits completely natural and safe radiation, that is gently and comfortably absorbing by human body. Heaters operating in long-wave range is recommended to be used as the primary heating system in apartments, schools, industrial premices



The design of the BILUX heater is thought out to the smallest detail, only high-quality materials are used. The heater will not light up whatever happens to the wiring or to the main electricity line


We divide BILUX infrared heaters in 3 types depending on the premise that should be heated: domestic, industrial/commercial and outdoor. Each type of heater is made in several versions with different power. To find the most suitable heater to your needs, please browse our catalogue by the link below.

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Commercial infrared heaters

This type of heaters is designed to solve the tasks of heating in premises with a ceiling height of 2.5 to 4 meters. It is used as the primary heating system, but it can also be installed as the secondary one.

The “Golden Age” Jewelry Salon had to close its showroom during the New Year holidays due to the low temperature in the premises, although they had installed heating system with a total capacity of 27 kW. The old system was exhausted and the efficiency was very low: at -15ºC outside, there was no higher than + 4ºC inside. After they had installed 18 BILUX heaters of 1 kW each, the temperature rose to + 15ºC. Old system consumption equaled to 27 kW while BILUX system made it 18 kW.

Industrial Infrared Heaters

The higher the ceiling height in the premise, the more economical consumption of BILUX heaters compared to gas heating. With a ceiling height of 8 meters, the difference will be at least 40%. This result is achieved by the correct distribution of heat: in the case of gas heating, heat goes up to the ceiling (convective type of heating), and using BILUX heaters heat goes down to the floor (radiant type of heating).

We have installed BILUX P4000 with a total capacity of 48 kW for the heating of the metalworking workshop with an area of 600 sq.m and a ceiling height of 8 meters. So next heating period gave the consumer 45% of economy compared with previous one when gas heating was used.

Zonal or temporary infrared heating

The heaters of “Y”series was designed to create thermal zones in large premises or for temporary space heating. They work in the mid-wave range and it makes them an excellent option for outdoor heating tasks.

The heating of the auditorium in the Theatre of Musical Comedy is not easy. The main task was to make perfect heating system regarding that the temperature in the auditorium should be +20ºC for the duration of the concert, all the rest of the time it’s enough to keep the temperature at +10-12ºC. The concerts take place 5 days a week from 16:00 to 20:00. The gas heating system was not able to quickly raise and lower the temperature, so the temperature was kept constant at +15-17ºC with a slight increasing during the concert. BILUX Y6000 heaters has completely fulfilled that task. Gaining needed temperature took maximum an hour, and if the auditorium was not fully filled, some heaters were switched off. The result was fully justified, they SAVED 50%.

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To make our engineers calculate types and quantity of BILUX heaters please kindly inform about floor and ceiling area, height of the ceiling, windows area and the height of they were installed


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